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I’ll never try to put on a fake image. I’m just Zac.

Happy 27th birthday Zac Efron!

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Happy 27th birthday Zac Efron! (October 18th)

Today my favorite guy on the earth and my first idol turns 27, I’ve been his fan for a very long time, since he was a teen. And through this years I’ve seen him grown as an actor and as a person.

2013 was a tough one, but this year we have seen him healthy, happy and working on amazing projects again. He managed to recover and now he has been almost a year sober and I couldn’t be any more prouder. 

I really hope he keep getting positivity in his life because he really deserves the best, he knows we will always support him and love him unconditionally, during bright and dark times. 

Happy birthday Zac, I love you more than ever.

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i’m so possessive over people but like a quiet possessive because i dont want to be clingy so i kinda just angrily stare at people from afar 

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