cause i set fire to the rain

AJ Rafael

—The Feels


a song i just wrote about “The Feels”

i hope you relate. =) 


When you hear your favorite song
You get the feels
when you hear the crowd sing along
You get the feels
and then the music soothes your heart, like your favorite meal
You get the feels
You get the feels 

When you see your crush with somebody else 
You get the feels
Doesn’t feel good and you feel your heart melt 
It’s still the feels
And when They’re with somebody you know, they came up with a steal
You’re getting the feels 
yes you’ve got the feels

Seeing the couple you ship interact
When your favorite show has a season fina-le
Your favorite celebrity writes you a tweet
When you sleep when you breathe when you drink when you eat
Wong fu films when they finally  say the title out loud
when you’re acin’ that test you make your momma so proud
she’s got the feels

When you’re watching saved by the bell
You get the feels
Or when your favorite character dies on a show 
You get the feels
When the windows are down on a summer night and you never get stopped by a traffic light 
you get the feels, you’re getting the feels

when you’re watching forrest gump when he chases jenny then she dies
you’ve got the feels

shoutouts to all my twitter followers for giving me situations in which they “get the feels”